The Many Identities of John Wolf

John's known aliases and sock puppets:

Name Address First used Notes
1 John Wolf 23-Jan-96
2 JWolf6589 13-Aug-98
3 07-July-01 Contributed by a visitor to this page
4 John 15-Feb-02
5 Dude 15-Mar-02
6 charlie 15-Mar-02
7 diaper 15-Mar-02
8 Kelli78909 15-Mar-02
9 Billy6589 15-Mar-02
10 Mac User 18-Jun-03
11 Joseinmexico 03-Jul-03
12 Crucifyself03 crucifyself03@aol.comnojunk 10-Jul-03 Signed "Leo"
13 nospam 11-Jul-03
14 Leo Davidson aka John W johnw@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG 23-Jul-03
15 OSXis_1987 28-Jul-03 probably July 28-29 2003 only
16 Beach Boy 22-Aug-03
17 Leo crucifyself03@aol.comnojunk 23-Aug-03
18 Spider Eyes 23-Aug-03
19 Greenmamba9999 11-Sep-03
20 Frank G greenmamba9999@aol.com5268 14-Sep-03
21 Bible Man John 30-Sep-03
22 Cool dude 18-Oct-03 Someone else used this address 1998-99
23 Bible 07-Dec-03
24 Satanrules9666 06-Apr-04
25 Leo Davidson 08-Apr-04
26 Bill Nadar 12-Apr-04
27 Ironfist5687 15-Apr-04 Signed "Kurt," "Iron Fist," "IronFist,"
"Kurt the Iron Fist," "Kur," & "John"
28 Leo Davidson 20-Apr-04
29 Richard Steven W. 21-Apr-04 Impersonating another user*
30 John Wolf 22-Apr-04
31 Richard Steven Walzed 22-Apr-04 Impersonating another user*
32 Richard Steven Walz 22-Apr-04 Impersonating another user*
33 Richard Steven Worm 24-Apr-04 Impersonating another user*
34 George M. Feeley 25-Apr-04
35 Pinkbunny6789 26-Apr-04 Signed "Leah"
36 Billy Taylor 26-Apr-04
37 Big Brother 28-Apr-04
38 Bev A Kupf 29-Apr-04 Impersonating another user
39 Charlie 02-May-04
40 Eugene 05-May-04
41 Vote for George W.Bush 05-May-04
42 Richard Steven the Worm [Steve's actual address] 08-May-04 Impersonating another user*
43 Big Brother 17-May-04
44 Angiegisth 24-May-04 Signed "Angie"
45 23-June-04 Signed "brochus"
46 Jakemarshall0987 29-June-04 Signed "Jake"
47 Jack the Jerk 04-July-04 Signed "Jack"
48 John 20-July-04 Contributed by a visitor to this page
49 John Wolf 21-Aug-04 An open and honest one!
50 Big Brother 23-Aug-04
51 John 30-Aug-04
52 19-Feb-05
53 Bill 01-Mar-05
54 dearmike-dearmike-dearmike-dearmike 15-Mar-05
55 clintashdgsjdsj sick_dick_clinton_sdjedjkf clintonfitch.clintonfitch.clintonfitch.fhdkjfhd@clintonthedick.mim 18-Mar-05
56 Shaalabbin son of Ithlah 14-Apr-05
57 Bible John 13-May-05
58 Bible John 19-Jun-05
59 Dr. Bible John 02-Jul-05
60 Chris Tilley - HPC:Factor [Chris's actual address] 02-Jul-05 Impersonating another user*
61 Shemp H 03-Jul-05
62 John the Baptist Jr. 06-Jan-06
63 18-May-06

*In addition to these identities, John has also posted using Mr. Walz's and Mr. Tilley's exact names and addresses. He's used the wrong news client and server, though, so it's easy to spot the non-authentic posts.

Updated May 18, 2006. I haven't kept track since then.